Cloquet canal

canalis hyaloideus.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • Cloquet canal node etc. — Clo·quet canal, node, etc. (klo kaґ) [Jules Germain Cloquet, French surgeon, 1790–1883] see canalis hyaloideus, nodus lymphoideus inguinalis profundus proximalis, vestigium processus vaginalis, and septum femorale, and see pectineal hernia,… …   Medical dictionary

  • canal — A duct or channel; a tubular structure. SEE ALSO: c., duct. SYN: canalis [TA]. [L. canalis] abdominal c. SYN: inguinal c.. accessory c. a channel leading from the root …   Medical dictionary

  • canal de Cloquet — Eng. Cloquet s canal Ver conducto hialoideo …   Diccionario de oftalmología

  • Cloquet — Hippolyte, French anatomist, 1787–1840. See C. space. Jules G., French anatomist, 1790–1883. See C. canal, C. hernia, C. septum, proximal deep inguinal lymph node …   Medical dictionary

  • Cloquet ganglion — an enlargement of the nasopalatine nerve in the anterior palatine canal …   Medical dictionary

  • Jules Germain Cloquet — (1790 1883) was a French physician and surgeon who practiced medicine in Paris. His older brother, Hippolyte Cloquet (1787 1840) was also a physician. In 1821 Jules Cloquet was one of the earliest members elected to the Académie Nationale de… …   Wikipedia

  • Hippolyte Cloquet — (1787 March 3, 1840) was a French physician and anatomist who was a native of Paris. He was the brother of surgeon Jules Germain Cloquet (1790 1883), and father to Ernest Cloquet (1818 1856), who was a personal physician to Mohammad Shah Qajar of …   Wikipedia

  • conducto hialoideo — Eng. Hyaloid duct Conducto que se extiende desde la papila del nervio óptico hasta la cara posterior del cristalino y que en el embrión y feto aloja los vasos hialoideos. Canal de Cloquet. Canal hialoideo. Canal hialino. Canal vítreo. Conducto de …   Diccionario de oftalmología

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  • canalis hyaloideus — [TA] hyaloid canal: a passage running from in front of the optic disk to the lens of the eye; in the fetus it transmits the hyaloid artery. Called also central canal of Stilling, central canal of vitreous, and Cloquet canal …   Medical dictionary

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