subpatellar bursa

1. b. infrapatellaris profunda. 2. b. subcutanea infrapatellaris.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • bursa infrapatellaris profunda — [TA] deep infrapatellar bursa: a bursa between the patellar ligament and the tibia; called also infragenual b., subpatellar b., and subligamentous b …   Medical dictionary

  • bursa subcutanea infrapatellaris — [TA] subcutaneous infrapatellar bursa: a bursa between the upper end of the patellar ligament and the skin; called also subpatellar b. and superficial b. of knee …   Medical dictionary

  • infrapatellar — Inferior to the patella; denoting especially a bursa, a pad of fat, or a synovial fold. SYN: subpatellar (2). * * * in·fra·pa·tel·lar .in frə pə tel ər adj situated below the patella or its ligament <the infrapatellar bursa of the knee> * * …   Medical dictionary

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