Excretion of amino acid s in the urine, especially in excessive amounts. SYN: hyperaminoaciduria. [amino acid + G. ouron, urine]
- hyperbasic a. an inherited disorder associated with a deficiency of a dibasic amino acid transport. Individuals do not typically display protein intolerance. Cf.:lysinuric protein intolerance.

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ami·no·ac·id·uriaə-'d(y)u̇r-ē-ə n a condition in which one or more amino acids are excreted in excessive amounts

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ami·no·ac·id·u·ria (ə-me″no-as″ĭ-duґre-ə) an excess of amino acids in the urine; many types are called by the name of the amino acid plus the suffix -uria, such as cystinuria, lysinuria, and tryptophanuria. Called also hyperaminoaciduria.

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