iliac artery external

arteria iliaca externa.

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  • iliac artery — noun one of the large arteries supplying blood to the pelvis and legs • Syn: ↑arteria iliaca • Hypernyms: ↑artery, ↑arteria, ↑arterial blood vessel • Hyponyms: ↑common iliac artery, ↑ …   Useful english dictionary

  • iliac artery — n 1) either of the large arteries supplying blood to the lower trunk and hind limbs and arising by bifurcation of the aorta which in humans occurs at the level of the fourth lumbar vertebra to form one vessel for each side of the body called also …   Medical dictionary

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  • iliac artery — Anat. 1. Also called common iliac artery. either of two large arteries that conduct blood to the pelvis and the legs. 2. Also called external iliac artery. the outer branch of an iliac artery that becomes the femoral artery. 3. Also called… …   Universalium

  • external iliac artery — noun the outer branch of the common iliac artery on either side of the body; becomes the femoral artery • Hypernyms: ↑iliac artery, ↑arteria iliaca * * * noun see iliac artery * * * Anat. See iliac artery (def. 2) …   Useful english dictionary

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